Us "National Geographic" magazine in 1888 by the United States, a non-profit scientific education organization, the National Geographic Society (National Geographic Society) was founded, one of the founders is the inventor of the telephone Baer (Alexander Graham Bell). So far, the magazine has gone through the long 117 years. From the north and south poles to the inland city, from the sea to the mysterious universe, from Egyptian antiquities to Chinese Tibetan antelope, American "National Geographic" magazine has faithfully recorded the vicissitudes of global geographical conditions and the world. The magazine has global influence, as if a giant hand through time, no matter how the years change, its appeal to readers is still enduring. For example, in the United States, where the knowledge, the elite are the "National Geographic" magazine's loyal readers and proud. Former US President Carter once said: "we are reading the United States" National Geographic "grew up." So, what is the key to the success of the National Geographic magazine in the United States? One of the key reasons is that it has implemented a strong brand strategy.
The brand identity of passion and the classic yellow border
        The National Geographic Society strategy first: "create a unified brand image in the world scope, then create a unique organization, strengthen the unique position of products in the market, high quality product content." "National Geographic" Journal of business strategy in the first stipulates: "the" National Geographic "magazine of the National Geographic Society brand to all products (such as books, television etc.) extension, maintain the unity in the brand image of the product." This shows that the United States National Geographic Society is very important to the unity of the brand.
          All products of the National Geographic Society are based on the core brand of "National Geographic", which is the key element of the yellow border and the "National Geographic". Learn to ask for all print cover must retain the yellow border, more flexible position, and some "National Geographic" magazine, the same size and position, some narrow simple symbol of living any content is not ring. It is with this unified brand image, the National Geographic Society's various products successfully opened the market, and firmly established the "National Geographic" brand in the minds of consumers.
           The famous yellow border is the "National Geographic" magazine brand logo, it is the border of a book, more like a beautiful window on the outside world, means that the U.S. "National Geographic" magazine is open to the outside world channel people. This sign is simple and lively, eye-catching colors, to facilitate readers' cognitive and memory, accurately convey the magazine's purpose, and it with the photo collocation and the cover of the album has become a "National Geographic" magazine another outstanding features. In the eyes of a growing number of different skin color and speaking different languages, this unique yellow border represents adventure, passion, classic, and quality. At the beginning of the magazine's publication, the Institute chose to use the yellow border to strengthen its brand. Now, after 100 years of time, published in the long process of the yellow border became a world famous brand logo, as well as an important part of "National Geographic" magazine brand strategy, while maintaining the yellow border has become an important choice of the magazine brand maintenance.
          From the point of view of consumer psychology, it is easy to be a kind of cognitive habit of consumer to product and brand. This simple obsession, so that they are mostly inclined to trust and choose relatively simple, direct and visual impact of the brand products, and often exclude complex, volatile and no brand logo of ordinary products. Us "National Geographic" magazine is to follow this rule, its passion and yellow border classic simple and clear, giving a strong visual impact and deep cognitive memory, become the world magazine issue in the history of a successful case. The yellow border brand identity it with the other competitors to distinguish, make the reader feel the obvious out of the ordinary magazine, which finds that it is a high quality magazine, resulting in consumer habits tend to "this one" instead of the other. Thus, in the fierce media industry, the publishing industry market, in most cases, simple is better than complex, than addition subtraction, in the information explosion and the product of numerous times, the brand strategy of the "simple thinking" and "subtraction thinking" often obtained the unexpected effect of strategy.

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